Korean ginseng coffee ilhwa coffee

ILhwa Coffee is an ideal coffee for healthy, It is suitable for every coffee lovers in all walked of life. The Ilhwa coffee ingredients like ilhwa Korean ginseng extract, collagen, L-Carnitine, and Chromium Picolinate  are very beneficial for human health. However, coffee for health we provided is sugar free, cholesterol free, and free of any toxins that could be harmful to human health.


ILHWA Korean Ginseng

ILHWA Korean Ginseng Extract 100% : (Panax Ginseng ‘C.A. Meyer’) It is known as “king of Oriental Herbal Medicine” which is wide spread accepted and used for medication since thousands of years ago.  It’s most outstanding benefit is to strengthen human health. Ginseng Saponin or Ginsenoside efficacy is to reduce stress, enhance body and brain endurance, and help to recover from fatigue. It stimulates body cells to generate more energy, help body to be refreshing, and provides effective immune functions.


It is a pure collagen from deep sea fish with high quality protein, and consisting of 20 types of amino acids. It provides health benefits to stengthen collagen tissue and elastin in the skin. It soften our body skin, has a role for anti-aging, improve growth hormone, help losing deposit fat and replace with strong body muscle, and also prevent bone marrow disease.


It is a kind of amino acids biosynthesized primarily in the liver, transporting small molecules of fat as the energy use in body cells. It is open found in animal meat. A lack of supply or inefficiency of L-Carnitine can cause health problem. For instance, obesity and fat in the bloodstream can affect flexibility of blood vessels which can lead to high blood fat and high blood pressure, Moreover, it can cause fatigue, tiredness, and depression.

Chromium Picolinate

It is a naturally occurring mineral needed for biochemical process in our body. Deficiency of it can lead to ineffective metabolic system. It plays an important role in the process of transferring Glucose into the cells to be use in metabolic system. Furthermore, it helps a hormone called insulin which is created in pancreas to transfer Glucose into our body cells, so the cells can process its calories burned system with efficiency.


It is the only sweeteners without calories derived from sugar. It is transformed into indigestible sugar. Therefore, sucralose provides naturally sweet taste, without the bitter tongue taste, and it also prevent tooth decay. It is useful for diabetes patient and people who avoid high calories sugar.