ILHWA Korean Ginseng Extract

ilhwa Korean Ginseng Extract is extracted from 6 years old red ginseng room that has been grown under the control of Korean government. We have gained permission arid recognition from the government and ginseng grower association to be the biggest exporter of ginseng products.

Pure fresh ginseng root must pass through the process of cleaning, grinding, extracting  with special procedure from ilhwa. Then, it will be squn in the machine to be separated from impure substance, and place in the process of precipitation. The quality   assurance is conducted using high computer function.

 2 ways to extract Korean ginseng

1. Using water as an extractor by boiling the ginseng root in 100 °C hot water. This is a common procedure; however, this might reduce the smell and medicinal substance in the ginseng itself.

2. Using alcohol as an extractor by boiling the ginseng root at 60″C. Alcohol is the best method for ginseng extraction because the medicinal substances smell and taste of ginseng will remain unchanged; however, this method require higher budget to process.

  *** for best quality, we extract ginseng with alcohol at low pressure and temperature***


Drink 1-3 times a day .use l full spoon of ginseng extract with a cup of hot water, you can add sugar or honey and it can be used as a mixture in a variety of food and beverage as needed.