ilhwa Korean Red ginseng Extract

The process of extracting ilhwa Korean Red Ginseng is more complicate than the fresh ginseng.

Red ginseng is a fresh ginseng which has been steamed and dried eight time while leaving its skin intact. Through this process, the color of the root turns reddish brown. Ancient Korean usually preserved fresh ginseng in the way of red ginseng as it can be consumed for a longer time.

The way in extracting red ginseng is differ from fresh ginseng. Red ginseng is extracted with a very high pressure and temperature, and be dried and steamed for many times.

Moreover, red ginseng is extracted using only its root and trunk. The root is know of its “Yang” quality which can provide warmth to our body. Therefore, red ginseng is popular in the cold countries, however it is not often used in tropical countries. It is also commonly used by patients with high blood pressure or people who easily feel cold.


Drink 1-3 times a day, use I full spoon of ginseng extract with a cup of hot water, you can add sugar of honey and it can be used as a mixture in a variety of food and beverage as needed.