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ILHWA Korean Ginseng Soap

ginseng soapGinseng soup is the soap for perfect skin. With the power of Ginseng & Vitamin-E as the nourishing essence to enhance

Healthy and glowing skin, and keep your skin forever young. Moreover, Vitamin-E has been known to improve miniaturization. Remove wrinkles and dark spots.

The essence of Ginsenoside from  Korean Ginseng with Vitamin-E from natural honey giving soothing delicate soap. Refreshing your face and body skin with the fragrance and soothing bubbles. and with daily use will provide you mild and glowing skin. it will also remove wrinkles, dark spots, acne, etc.

This soap will reducer and lighten skin pores. Giving baby-like skin, makes you fresh and feel aroma throughout the day.


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