Plus G Honey and Ginseng Body Lotion

lotion ilhwaGinseng Honey Body Lotion formula. Skin smooth and soft. Concentration of nutrients in nature. Absorbed into the skin quickly. This enhancement makes the skin soft, moist skin against skin aging. Featuring exclusive herbal ginseng. And honey. Power of nature to moisturize skin and smooth white cotton than ever before.
Extract honey. 
Pull back the skin and retain moisture. It makes the skin young, soft and flexible at all times. As well as antioxidant properties, but the House has a role in protecting the skin. From being damaged by UV rays and helps build healthy new skin cells and clear.
Ginseng root extract 100%. 
Assist in the restoration and repair at the tiger skin conditions, stimulates the skin to look radiant. Moisture to the skin. Balance of the skin. And anti-aging better.
Light rubbed lotion all over your body. After cleaning the surface of the body. For all skin types for both children and adults.